The Pink Book

Six years ago my best friend bought me a Pink Sketch book for my birthday.

The Pink Book (Vol 1 & 2 now) is home to some of my favourite memories…


Living in London can age you. Fact. Check out the fine lines on these gals. I am on the left (the one who looks a bit like the dog from the Churchill ads..OH YES.)


Shoe Hell


Even looking at this picture brings the pain sensation flooding back. I took off the shoes and my feet had changed shape to match the point of the shoe.
I shed real tears on my trek across London, but I refused to take them off. Foolish Fashionista Behaviour.


Pig in a Blanket


Pig-in-a-blanket. Sums it up really. Food + Fashion.


Industrial size batch of BranMuffins


“The girls realised after only a few minutes that the bran muffin recipe was of industrial size proportions.”


Another Spider


Seems like I have always had a problem with spiders sharing my bed!


Horse Mishap


Priceless. You had to be there. 2 experienced riders giving me advice and I nearly ended up getting on backwards.


Gaga GlitterBall Pants


The Skiperoons new Gaga-esque Glitterball Pants were a bit more “oh-no” than “disco”.


This page is for you Skipsy…and our parallel lives.

“I remember laughing”



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