I should have tried to excercise some restraint

1 07 2010

After hearing an advert on the telly for malteasers, I found myself dashing to my cupboard and fishing out the packet I had bought earlier in the week. I knew opening it would be a bad move. It is impossible to have just one. I tried to incorporate some sort of overhead tricep extension whilst pouring the malty-licious treats into my mouth, so I wouldn’t feel so bad about ruining all the hard work I did in my evening workout. My triceps are a bit tender this morning, so I think it worked!


Sorry for the tardiness of the blog of late…

26 05 2010

My imaginary swedish friends are to blame. I am on my 3rd and final Steig Larsson book – and I am hooked. Any spare second I am straight in there. I have even sacrificed beauty sleep to read ‘just one more page’. I eagerly anticipate any extended form of public transport, and I have even tried to take the book in the sauna with me (not advisable). I am near the end of the third book and I starting to have that internal conflict – I want to know what happens but I don’t want it to end. You will know when I finish it as the blogs will be back first thing in the morning…

Show me the Bunny

15 04 2010

Last weekend I went for dinner at my best friends place. At the end of the meal she bought out the last golden easter bunny to have with our tea. Tea requires chocolate. Fact. In a matter of seconds the bunny was all but demolished. Just one chunk left. We were all too polite to take it. I knew my best mate wanted it. She knew I wanted it. Her sister knew we wanted it. My best friends hubby knew he didn’t stand a chance. We all made small talk and eyed up the last bit of bunny. No one had the guts to bite the bunny. I knew what would happen when we left…

… my best friend would wave goodbye, shut the door and then make her way swiftly to the remains, under the guise of “tidying-up”. How do I know this? It is exactly what I would have done. Great minds and best friends think alike. I have been led to believe it went something like this….


5 04 2010

I was attacked by a gold Lindt Bunny. It jumped down my throat before I had a chance to stop it. I was helpless, and hungry.

Bye-Bye Bunny.

When I woke up on Sunday I embarked on the great Bunny Massacre. I am not sure who was worse off in the end

Then I went on a “road trip” with my parents, to find them a new home. The night before we had watched a film in which a man went over the top of a cliff in his car. My Dad chose a steep precipice to execute a three-point turn. 2 thoughts. Thought 1: My parents have some Thelma and Louise Style pact inspired by last night’s film…AND THEY ARE TAKING ME WITH THEM…… Thought 2: If this is it, I should have finished off the bunnies.

I know why they are called Malteasers

3 02 2010

I have an unopened packet of Malteasers on my desk. I am home alone, and I swear I can hear them teasing me from within in the box desperate for me to liberate them, so they can fulfill their purpose. Filling my tummy. Mmmmmmmmaybe I can have just one….

(H)air of the dog

6 12 2009

On Sunday I went down to the countryside for a surprise 60th Birthday celebration. I was a lovely day. After a cleaning frenzy, a potential dynorod debacle and the fastest lunch ever consumed – half the village turned up for tea. There was much laughter, many cupcakes, and mounds of scones. Not to mention the 1, 2, 3 maybe even 4 birthday cakes – all of which I felt obliged to test, sometimes more than once. There is nothing better on a rainy Sunday afternoon than standing in front of a warm aga, with a very full belly, surrounded by people you love. Such blissful relaxation however only accentuated my extreme fatigue.

I had been at book club (say no more) the night before followed by a 60th 40th birthday celebration, so when it came time to toast the birthday girl – I could only manage the smallest of sips. Despite being assured hair of the dog is what I needed, I seem to think what I got more of was air of the dog! Thanks Lily :) I had a great afternoon – and left with the usual full-to-bursting “smokejack” feeling.

I hope you had a very Happy Birthday “Mumsy” xxx

I must confess.

30 11 2009

It is the last day of November. I should be filled with joy and anticipation. Tomorrow should be the day I am officially allowed to eat sweets, cake, brownies, gingerbread, banoffee pie, custard tarts, chocolate, twice baked banana cake, muffins, apple strudel, cheesecake, chocolate croissants, hummingbird cake, lemon drizzle cake, hot toffee fondue, vanilla sponge and ice cream (to name a few). I have in fact eaten all of the above throughout the month of November. Sorry team. I failed. Well I cheated – and I loved every mouthful!

There is always next year. Pass me another twice baked banana cake please.