Knock Knock

19 08 2011

At times* my alarm clock feels like this.

* 5 minute intervals for up to 45 mins, 5 days a week.


Under the duvet

27 10 2010

is now where I hide my alarm clock. The reasons are twofold.

1. I have been known to snooze for an inordinately long time – waking up my housemate in the next room.

2. Once in my bed I don’t have to keep reaching my arm out into the arctic conditions at 5 minute intervals.

Although effective I would not recommend it.

Sheepless nights

27 01 2010

Forget the sheep, I can now count traffic to get me to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Is it time to turn up the heat?

13 10 2009

This morning I reached a new low temperature in my room. I can always tell when the cold weather takes hold from the way I suddenly become obsessed about the high’s and low’s in temperature in my room in the morning. I would like to clarify at this point that I am not a geek with a thermometer next to my bed that I went out and purchased for that express purpose. No. I bought an alarm clock a few years ago that has a temperature gauge on it – and it is very cool – and it now means I can justify my moaning about how cold/hot it is with facts and figures.  They say the optimal temperature for human performance is 21˚. I would consider 8.5˚ lower than that NOT conducive for getting out of bed  –  which is exactly how I felt this am when I extracted my arm from the duvet cocoon to hit the snooze button…then quickly tucked it back in, after checking that my face had not frozen in the night – being the only bit of me left out to the elements.

Ice ice baby

I think it is time to turn on the heating.