15 08 2011

I’m not particularly co-ordinated at the best of times, but I am obstinately stubborn and ever-so-slightly-competitive. So when challenged to a game of ping-pong in the pub, I reluctantly obliged (I didn’t want to show the boys up – you know how men get with sport). Anyway It wasn’t long before my team-mate realised there were only two lessons to learn whilst playing doubles with me.

1. I don’t move (ever).

2. If the long arms can’t/can’t be bothered to reach it, it’s up to the partner to get it. To make it easy I just use the “YOURS” command.

Simple yet effective. My partner got the gist and took to standing behind me. Our combined skill ensured our victory.



Getting it straight

16 12 2010

I am over zips on coats. After spending at least 20 mins locked in my coat by another faulty zip (I am starting to worry I have developed some sort of zip allergy), I have decided that I am going to find coats with buttons or straps.

This one would work well because it also caters for extra long arms.

Arm’s length

13 07 2010

Looking in the mirror at gym last night I had a revelation. My [slightly] longer-than-average arms are not the fault of a slight genetic mishap. Oh no. It has to be the fault of ‘ The Dead Row’. Years of holding a bar full of weights dangling  just above the floor at the mercy of the earth’s gravitational pull MUST have contributed to the lengthening of my arms. Either that or I was adopted. My biological dad being Mr Tickle.