I’d just like to say a few words of thanks …

6 04 2010

to Dorset Cereals for having a Little Blog Awards – and for just letting me know I am the March winner, and proud owner of a shiny new egg cup and egg cosy ! I’m egg-static. Thanks to my Mum for instilling in me a love of egg & soldiers…and teaching me how to boil and egg…and to my Dad who has taught me that there is no such thing as only one course for breakfast – cereal, egg, cereal, toast, egg, cereal…and the mantra “eat-until-you-can-eat-no-more”. Massive thanks to all of you who voted for me – and continue to read my ramblings. Maybe I can start telling people I am an Egg-s-Factor winner, now I have my speech all sorted…Hmmm something to ponder over my next breakfast pig-out.


Massive Monday

22 03 2010

HuMMmmmmmmmmmmming Bird Bakery

28 02 2010

All I can say is: If you have not been WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I went last weekend, and this weekend…and there is still one branch I have not tried. So guess where I am going next weekend! This week I had the black bottom cupcake…chocolate with a blob of yummy scrummy cheesecake in the middle. Not sure too many of them will do wonders for my bottom – but oh so worth it. And with such a huge selection to choose from, I figure the brain power used in making such a stressful decision probably burns off almost as many calories as a single cupcake, or two, or two and a bit…

I know why they are called Malteasers

3 02 2010

I have an unopened packet of Malteasers on my desk. I am home alone, and I swear I can hear them teasing me from within in the box desperate for me to liberate them, so they can fulfill their purpose. Filling my tummy. Mmmmmmmmaybe I can have just one….


7 12 2009

Not only is it hard enough to cram in our 5-a-day veggie and fruit allocation (chocolate covered raisins and banana cake do not count much to my dismay), but my friend told me we need to have physical contact with another human 12 times a day. TWELVE. That’s loads. Being only selectively tactile, and single, this makes me starving! Realising this the book club quite literally embraced this revelation and took to hugging me (and other single members) a lot. It may have been made worse by excessive champagne consumption – but there was a lot of hugging between lengthy literary discourse. I have thought about this and found a solution…

All I need to do is find a hottie on the local fruit and veg stall and then I can nail my 12 and 5-a-day in one go!

(H)air of the dog

6 12 2009

On Sunday I went down to the countryside for a surprise 60th Birthday celebration. I was a lovely day. After a cleaning frenzy, a potential dynorod debacle and the fastest lunch ever consumed – half the village turned up for tea. There was much laughter, many cupcakes, and mounds of scones. Not to mention the 1, 2, 3 maybe even 4 birthday cakes – all of which I felt obliged to test, sometimes more than once. There is nothing better on a rainy Sunday afternoon than standing in front of a warm aga, with a very full belly, surrounded by people you love. Such blissful relaxation however only accentuated my extreme fatigue.

I had been at book club (say no more) the night before followed by a 60th 40th birthday celebration, so when it came time to toast the birthday girl – I could only manage the smallest of sips. Despite being assured hair of the dog is what I needed, I seem to think what I got more of was air of the dog! Thanks Lily :) I had a great afternoon – and left with the usual full-to-bursting “smokejack” feeling.

I hope you had a very Happy Birthday “Mumsy” xxx

Fat Friday…

20 11 2009

is an understatement. Jen and I have officially fallen off the no-treats-for-November wagon – and jumped straight onto the cake trolley. I can’t shovel the food in quick enough. It is a relief to see having been out of practice for about 50 days that I still have it!