Something has to change.

6 01 2011

One of my new years resolutions is to “get a life”. I feel like I should be shoehorning a bit more “fun” into what sometimes feels like a pretty full, but somewhat dull schedule. (Can you spot the January blues sufferer amongst us?). This all became apparent one particularly long and very cold evening at the end of a week where I’d only really had myself for company. I found myself dancing around my lounge (somewhat manically) in my newly purchased thermals. It was at the end of this spontaneous act of insanity (and seeing my reflection in the mirror) that I concluded: Something has to change.



Check out that chick with the long arms.

26 10 2010

At the gym we did ab exercises on the step – they required balancing on your bottom and moving out your legs and arms – at the same time! I have pretty long arms and I have a preeeetttttty over active imagination. I think that is why in my head it wasn’t me on the step but a giant chicken. It was the wings that did it. Most girls go to the gym to fight off bingo wings, seems that they are the least of my worries!

Elementary my dear Barton

22 10 2010

My fascination with all things Spooks seems to have not gone unnoticed. I was just given a gift of… SPY SCHOOL! I am going to be a spook! Woop Woop. This is going to bring a whole new dimension to my practical jokery…Surveillance cameras and bugs! Brilliant – watch out Bici*


* my sister


18 08 2010

Remember the noise maker machine my friend bought me for my last birthday? Well I have it stashed in my drawer of stuff – mainly accessories/belts and general getting ready stuff. Sometimes in the rummage for something I accidentally press one of the buttons. This morning it was the crow. I felt a cold shiver. My nemesis was back. It was swiftly followed by thunder, Dracula and a blood curdling scream (also from the noise maker – not from me). My flat mate must love me whilst trying to have a lie in.

In the spammer

23 07 2010

Occasionally I get a comment stuck in the spam filter on my blog. This week I got one that made me laugh. It was definitely spam, but the spammers have been on a creative writing course, and are trying a new approach. His comment started with HELP! and then went on to say that he was being held hostage by the mafia and was being forced (as torture) to comment on blogs. Brilliant. Obviously interspersed in the plea for help there were spam worthy comments  – which sounded way more torturous than being forced to comment on a blog.  It even ended with a bit of drama.. HELP, they are coming back now…

Can anyone tell me why…

20 07 2010

old people put tennis balls on the back legs of their zimmer frames? Surely it’s not to prevent sparks from flying up in a moment of haste…blue rinse sale at Boots?

Headband Hottie

6 07 2010

Last night I saw a fairly attractive business man, complete with pin striped trousers and tie on the platform waiting for the same train as me. The reason he really made an impression was the fact that he was also sporting a very attractive white towelling headband (in the style of a Wimbledon tennis player circa 1980). He did not win me over with his sense of style, but he was a true gent and let me get on the train in front of him – which is almost as rare as seeing a grown man in a suit with a headband.