From G-ripping to D-ripping

8 08 2011

I’m relieved I have not made the move from paperback to the kindle. I won’t be making the move until they have made a waterproof one. My crime novel is now doused in lavender and tea tree bubble bath – gripping.


Pucker up

4 08 2011

To combat my sore lips I have resorted to applying a thick white cream. Useful yet unattractive. I look like a 90’s pale pearl lipstick wearer, or possibly even a girl with no lips. I’m not sure which is worse.

A Jar

3 08 2011

I bought myself a lovely big mason jar at the weekend for my kitchen. It’s so big I can fit all my cereal in it. I like a lot of cereal (1.5kg to be exact). I emptied the whole lot in, screwed the lid on and eagerly waited for breakfast. Disaster. The lid is VERY hard to get off. This is an unwanted barrier between me and my breakfast. After a lot of muscle power, and my seriously contemplating buying and old lady style jar opener, the lid loosened. It was only then that I realised it is too big for me to pour into my bowl…so now my country style kitchen mason jar sits next to the soup ladle so I can access my breakfast. I bet they don’t tell you that in the ideal home magazines.

Panda Eyes

2 08 2011

I am a fan of eyeliner and mascara. A girl looks so much better with lashings of the stuff. That is if you don’t chop an onion whilst wearing it.

Spacial awareness

1 08 2011

I recently found out that having a second toe longer than the first is an indication of bad spacial awareness. Funny because I always thought it was my constant tripping and walking into walls was the primary indicator.

Mental and physical test

29 07 2011

I think I have found a new test for the MOD. Putting on duvet covers. Sometimes it’s seriously difficult, taxing on the brain and on the arms.


28 07 2011

My goddaughter (nearly 4) reminded me of the joy that is mini babybel cheeses in their little red ‘jackets’. Mmmmm. I discovered that if you buy the ‘light’ ones and scoff half a bag like crisps, it really doesn’t feel like eating half a block of cheese at all.

(I dare you not to be tempted to buy a pack now)