Memorable Dates

My friends and I have had a colourful couple of years in the wonderful world of dating. To celebrate and commemorate our “achievements” I made them a calendar of the top 12…

The expensive meal in Mayfair, was not worth losing her lips for.

An English teacher with a fondness for Geography.

She drowned her sorrows, whilst her date drowned in self pity.

She was quite literally swept off her feet.

Armed with her night vision goggles and her new make-up, she was ready to start dating again.

Her eyes, and the croatian mono-brow, would never have worked.

As if by magic, all the X’s popped up on the scene.

The girls knew where to head for a good time. B @ 1!

Every girl’s dream. A film star, with a medallion.

“It’s not about the Burqa.”

Seems like men have a check-list too.

A few french martini’s and everyone started to look like thoroughbreds.


One response

8 01 2010

This is brilliant!! I want a copy of this!! Can you make them and sell me one?


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