Book Club

We may not read alot, but we do laugh alot.

Here are just a few images from some of our get together’s.

Temple Spa

The book club with the highest attandance, was not a book club, but a “spa” night.

Sharyn has since found a good use for Temple Spa’s most coveted Double Cream moisturiser.

“It’s great for knees & elbows.”

Post-it man

Someone (who will remain anonymous) has a boss who has sweaty pits, nose hair and an affinity for Post-it notes. Well this is how he looks in my mind :)

Portuguese Sardine Eater

We went for tapas, and managed to order some Sardines (once we had all stopped staring, dumb struck at the gorgeous waiter). Jax can’t eat sardines, because of once seeing an old Portuguese lady eat a bouquet of sardines. I had to draw this one.

Sharyn & Mark…this one is for you. I WILL not give up until you guys dress up as the Nation’s Favorites!

Quality Streets

Lynn’s return from Oz was one of the highlights of this months book club. We reckoned if she took our champagne drinking legacy to Oz, there would be a market for an adaptation to the traditional beer hat. Strap a couple of bottles of bubbly on your back, feed tubes into mouth, and use champagne corks to update and complete the traditional ozzie outfit. We also established that although she is got a big fan of gluten…she is definitely not lactose intolerant :) We love you Lynn and it’s good to have you back xx

And Lis. I am sure if you get stuck – you can pick up some dental floss – oops I mean a make shift bikini at the airport! x


8 responses

29 09 2009

You’re a genius my friend.. now wasn’t there a picture somewhere of the big yellow? :)

29 09 2009

Can’t remember the big yellow?…Remind me and I will add it on!

29 09 2009

Quality Street! It will happen one day…

29 09 2009

Haha – I have drawn you both somewhere…big green and big yellow. Everyone’s Favourite favourites.

30 09 2009

Your wish is my command…(you are lucky I never throw anything out!!

2 10 2009
Ana de Barros

I’m SO impressed, I can’t believe how you’re able to translate our casual conversations and jokes into such vivid pictures, you’re SUPER SUPER talented Kirst.
I predict you’re gonna be famous soon…….

2 10 2009

ha ha i’ve changed my mind.. i want to be the big purple!

7 12 2009
Lisa Stockman

Oh my darling Kirstykins!

I am so glad I was elevated into your blog annals! Please pray that my cellulite miraculously disappears (and QUICKLY!)

See you chaps soon,
Lees x

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