Drawing on personal experience…

Armed with my sense of humour and a black fine liner, let’s see where this blog takes me!

My friend suggested I use sandwich boards to continue shamelessly promoting my blog. I’m not sure I could do it. Well not before lunch anyway.

© Kirsty Barton 2010

If I was a super hero, I would be Captain Nasal. No doubt about it. I am over qualified – generous size nostrils and overly keen sense of smell.

This guy… he wanted to be seen. Leather chaps, muscle top, wrap around shades (indoors), sovereign rings, beads…I mean you name it he was working it. I love people watching at airports!

I don’t know why but I get really excited when I see the absailing window cleaners. Maybe I have missed my vocation. People watching from a whole new perspective!

My only requirement for a new abode is somewhere to put the shelf.

Nothing drowns the sorrows better than a glass of red and a packet of Malteasers!

Kirsty found drowning her sorrows in wine and malteasers helped considerably.

Coming up short

Another fashion disaster. ALWAYS buy medium. I bought shorts (2 pairs, not even 1 pair), wore them once. Now they have stretched so much so that I could fit a small person in them too. Saga Baga.

Kaydee has such a beautiful (big) mug

Had a great chat with Kaydee this weekend. It was so good to chat to her, and see her beautiful (big) mug. I miss you kaydee xxx

Crow Lady

Growing old alone with a flat full of cats, is the least of my worries. The crows of Merton seem to have taken a shine to me. I refuse to be the strange old day with all the crows…

Even strangers try to set you up...

Last weekend I met a lady in the loo, who heard some of us discussing my single status. Her eye’s lit up. Her lips glistening (I lent her a blob of lip gloss, hence the instant camaraderie)…”I know someone who is PERFECT for you…he is 42, a banker, and I am at the bar with him”. She precedes to tell me he is the one with “more hair” (the one with considerably less hair is apparently her hubby). Whilst still in the loo, she tells me she will “casually” point him out to me, and I must just give her the thumbs up, or something equally subtle if I am keen. So I go to the loo and walk back into the bar…the husband (with slightly less hair) is beaming at me – and his wife – is gesturing in some kind of hair-flick-cross-finger pointing gesture and the “perfect-for-me-banker”. No, No, NO! Hilarious. I think I would prefer the crows…

Sleeping Man and his clean ears

This week at work sleeping man (business man in the office opposite, who frequently has a full on nap during work hours…I am talking feet up on the desk, lights out. No messing around.) bought something else to the mix. He was cleaning his ears. Cleanliness superseded Sleepiness this week.

Dregs lady

This is the lady I watched cruise round the tables at Costa in LHR and quite literally sip up all the dregs from the empty tables. People watching at its very best.

My boss just found this in a folder on our server…not quite the image she was thinking of using to promote one of our titles! Seems like this pic broke away from the rest, just like I did.

I just said to my boss – I’m going back to the swiss ball tonight (meaning my abs class on the swiss ball). She said how lucky I was to being going somewhere so nice – and maybe I will meet a hottie…Huh???

She thought I was going to a ball with swiss people. This is how imagine I would dress for the occasion.


21 responses

28 09 2009

Amazing. I cannot believe the dreg woman … classic ;)

29 09 2009
Julie Surycz

I am adding this page to my favourites. You are so freaking talented!!!!!!!!!!!! It could make you famous!!!! Have you seen the movie ‘Julie&Julia’?

29 09 2009

Thanks Julie :)

3 08 2010

Haha this is very funny. I think i should carry out a Swiss Ball this week! Masks are optional… :-)

29 09 2009
Skipps (Norcs)

Kirk, this is just classic. Where do you find all these ppl? Where I live seems so dull, it reminds me of fun times down Earls Road xxx

29 09 2009

wot no sumo wrestlers?…

30 09 2009

Mullins – I have dug them out…watch this space!

29 09 2009
Katie Jonsson

Enjoyed talking to you too! Love this site. Your pics continue to entertain! London is clearing full of interesting people! xx

1 10 2009

Kirst, love all your pictures and stories. too funny

18 10 2009
Lisa Stockman

George and I have just had a good chuckle at your ingenious drawings. I LOVE your use of occasional colour. What a clever, talented girl you are!

10 11 2009

I love your work girl! You are so talented. Looking forward to more!

12 11 2009
Allison Margach

Wow Kirsty ……… How talented are you??????? You are amazing…….Well done keep it up…..

7 01 2010

I loved your stories! You are very talented!!!:)

31 01 2010

Love it Kirsty! Your pics and chirps are fantastic. Gave me great entertainment during the ads between Dancing on Ice!

1 02 2010
anne janeke


How do you find the time to do all these marvellous drawings and work as well



1 02 2010

Hi Anne! I have started drawing on the train & the bus! Making the most of my commute :)

2 02 2010
Lena Stuart

This has got to be one of the best blogs ever!

2 02 2010

:) thanks lena!

3 02 2010
Sherril Knickelbein

Love your pictures and they are funny.

19 03 2010

Found you today via Dorset Cereals. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!!! Especially today’s tale of the giant water cups…. And grateful to have found you on a day when I needed a giggle. Perhaps should have been on mute and not reading you during a long conference call….. ooops.

19 03 2010

:) thanks!

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