15 08 2011

I’m not particularly co-ordinated at the best of times, but I am obstinately stubborn and ever-so-slightly-competitive. So when challenged to a game of ping-pong in the pub, I reluctantly obliged (I didn’t want to show the boys up – you know how men get with sport). Anyway It wasn’t long before my team-mate realised there were only two lessons to learn whilst playing doubles with me.

1. I don’t move (ever).

2. If the long arms can’t/can’t be bothered to reach it, it’s up to the partner to get it. To make it easy I just use the “YOURS” command.

Simple yet effective. My partner got the gist and took to standing behind me. Our combined skill ensured our victory.





One response

15 08 2011
Sir Andrew James Price

Hmmmmm your short term memory seems as effective as your navigational skills……………………I think you will find victory was all ours!!!

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