On a break

23 08 2011

After nearly two years of blogging about my mundane, yet strangely eventful life, I have decided to pack away my pencil for a little while and refuel. I’m sure I will be back at some point when the frustration of a life without illustration becomes all too much for me to bear. Until then, there’s plenty in the archive to keep you amused during your coffee breaks.

In the words of Arnie, “I’ll [probably] be back.

Thanks for all the support

K x


Knock Knock

19 08 2011

At times* my alarm clock feels like this.

* 5 minute intervals for up to 45 mins, 5 days a week.

3 monkeys

18 08 2011

See no evil (or the planet of the apes movie)

Hear no evil (I assure you the best part of the film is the lead man)

Speak no evil (that includes speaking apes)

I anticipated fear. I got comedy, and I’m not sure that’s what the director intended.


17 08 2011

My housemate has started selling skin care products. I was having a good nosey through all the make up, and she said I was welcome to try any. I nearly cracked open the foundation and applied liberally. If I had I would have looked something like this.

Expresso is not my shade. Seems my housemate’s supplier gave her a few (hundred) shades too dark.

Eat me

16 08 2011

My mate got engaged recently. He told me that in his celebrations with a friend he may have clocked up a substantial bar bill. It seems that drinking bottle(s) of champers makes one invincible, and eating the bill, yes you read that right, EATING THE BILL, destroys the evidence. Hilarious. (He still had to pay the full price, and he assured me it was nothing to do with the manager calling the police.)


15 08 2011

I’m not particularly co-ordinated at the best of times, but I am obstinately stubborn and ever-so-slightly-competitive. So when challenged to a game of ping-pong in the pub, I reluctantly obliged (I didn’t want to show the boys up – you know how men get with sport). Anyway It wasn’t long before my team-mate realised there were only two lessons to learn whilst playing doubles with me.

1. I don’t move (ever).

2. If the long arms can’t/can’t be bothered to reach it, it’s up to the partner to get it. To make it easy I just use the “YOURS” command.

Simple yet effective. My partner got the gist and took to standing behind me. Our combined skill ensured our victory.



10 08 2011

This week in London has been pretty devastating. It’s been surreal, scary and sad, but what I love is the true British spirit. Hoodies are no match for a community committed to make a difference, like the mob armed with brooms that descended on Clapham Junction and promptly tidied up the mess.