Fat app(arently)

6 07 2011

My brother just got an iPhone, so as is customary, he downloaded the fat app and sent me a picture of himself. Very effective. Now our sister lives in SA and is one of those exceptionally bright people who are also exceptionally gullible. Our family knows this and loves her for it. So in true Barton family style I sent her the photo my brother sent me saying our brother had put on a few pounds. I knew she would be unsure whether this was a joke or real, and that she would be cautious  in her response. My mother then texted her the following morning, saying how nice it was to spend time with my brother (but between them – he may have had a few too many pints, and had put on a bit of weight).

We knew this would sow a seed of doubt in my sisters mind. Real or fake? Fat or Photoshop? That’s why when she sent me a message followed with a smiley face I knew that she was unsure. I put her mind at ease. I replied saying that it was such a shame and that he was really self-conscious about it, and as the personal trainer of the family, she should send him some exercises… so far no reply.




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