Cleanliness not broodiness

5 07 2011

My flat mate can always tell when it is nearly ‘that time of the month’ for me. It’s not the increase in my walking into things, the insatiable hunger, the extra vocal opinions (mainly directed at the tv), nor is it the rise in chocolate covered goods that fill my cupboards. She knows because I start nesting.

Nesting is that weird phenomenon where you make your home ready for your unborn child (even when you are not pregnant).I start to clean. I re-pot plants. I tidy out cupboards. I cull my shoe collection. Things that never normally happen on such a grand scale, or with such precision. It only lasts a few days and is only extreme some months (phew). But it does happens and it is weird. At least it keeps my shoe collection under control.




One response

5 07 2011

can you please add RSS feed to your blog site so its easier for me to check it.

Many thanks in advance

Mystery blog fan
. .

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