Mental and physical test

29 07 2011

I think I have found a new test for the MOD. Putting on duvet covers. Sometimes it’s seriously difficult, taxing on the brain and on the arms.



28 07 2011

My goddaughter (nearly 4) reminded me of the joy that is mini babybel cheeses in their little red ‘jackets’. Mmmmm. I discovered that if you buy the ‘light’ ones and scoff half a bag like crisps, it really doesn’t feel like eating half a block of cheese at all.

(I dare you not to be tempted to buy a pack now)

Gin funny

27 07 2011

I knew when my brother got a job working for a company that sells gin that I would reap the benefits. What I didn’t foresee was my taking to carrying miniatures around in my back pockets (classy). When I drink gin my friends refer to me in the third person, “We like gin Kirsty, she’s fun”. Possibly more worrying than taking to carrying miniatures round in your back pockets.

Young at heart

26 07 2011

I went running with my best mate at the weekend. Afterwards we met up with her hubby and their two kids. My legs were so tired that it was suggested I jump in the buggy. An offer too good to refuse. In the words of Miranda’s mother, “such fun.”

3 reasons why I should not have worn the maxi dress this morning.

25 07 2011

1. Trip hazard
2. Pregnant women in similar garb started smiling at me.
3. An orange jumpsuit would have been better, since the cancellation of my train resulted in me challenging a colleague to a race to work. I knew he beat me within in first ten minutes I spent waiting for a bus…I’m sure annike rice had a chopper at her disposal?



22 07 2011

My disposition is definitely better in the sun.


21 07 2011

Casually looking at my neighbouring commuters’ inbox, I was relieved to see I am not the only one with an inbox full of newsletters, meal deals and money saving tips. This week the only email I have received from someone I know was one I sent to  a friend, but actually sent to myself in error.