It’s festival time…

22 06 2011

and half my team has gone off to Glasto. The whole festival thing is not for me. I love being outdoors, I love live music, I love long summer nights. I don’t love camping with 5 million people in varying states of inebriation, wearing wellies for 5 consecutive days and having muesli with beer because there is no milk.

I did go to a mini-festival in the park a few weekends ago. I class it as a festival because it had live music, drunk people, porta-loos and a stall selling my new favourite things…plastic ponchos. I was flagging until the heavens opened and I donned my new blue plastic ensemble. I was quite literally singing in the rain, such liberation.

Since it is Wimbledon fortnight, I guess it is a good thing I have a penchant for ponchos.




One response

22 06 2011

You were definitely on top festival form Miss Barton… almost Glasto-worthy but I also prefer milk with my Bran Flakes. xxx

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