Prankster Barton

6 06 2011

Despite my fear of the world ending, I managed to keep my wits about me and remember to sort out all the essentials before jetting off on my USA adventure. The day I flew I went to the shop and bought a pack of plastic cockroaches. I then came home and hid all three of them in my bed. You see I knew my parents would be up in London one weekend and that they would be using my room when I was off roadtrippin’. I could just imagine them both shrieking and jumping out the bed, then shrieking at each other to be quiet in case they woke my housemate. Cruel I know, but definitely worth every penny in my books. Unfortunately they went to bed, on the 3 cockroaches and didn’t even notice. All night. 3 very realistic creepy crawlies. Anti-climax. Yesterday I was tidying my room, and went to ‘tidy some stuff’ under the bed Igot quite the fright when I saw a cockroach on the floor. Caught by my own prank. It gets worse though, I laughed at my stupidity and put the roach on the sideboard next to me. Not 5 minutes later I turned around and got the fright of my life. Luckily practically all the clothes I own were in a pile behind me, so my landing was soft. It’s bad enough I laugh at my own jokes, but now I also fall for my own pranks!




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