Drawing a blank

19 05 2011

I went to my best mates house on Tuesday for dinner. Our conversation went a bit like this:

Me: I have to tell you something…

Her: Sorry, what were you saying?

Me: Oh, I can’t remember.

Her: Don’t worry I forgot what I was going to tell you too!

Me: Sorry, what did you say?

Her: Blank (drinking wine)

Me: Blank (eating crisps)

Her: So, what were we talking about before we forgot?

Me: I forget (wine)

Her: Me too (crisps)

Her: Blank (wine and crisps)

Me: Blank (wine and crisps)

It was like two goldfish having supper. Neither could remember anything the other one said two minutes before. I do remember that the wine and crisps were very good though.




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