13 05 2011

We had a family dinner on Saturday. We also had a family debate. It all started when we were talking about my sister and how she once squeezed a bottle of tippex so hard that it exploded in her face. The debate was not about how that could happen, or even doubting that a Barton could do such a ridiculous thing, it was about the fact that my Mum used the word squoze. She said my sister once squoze the bottle of tippex so hard that it exploded in her face. This grammatical mishap then dominated the rest of the evening’s conversation between frantic googling by all parties, to work out whether or not squoze is in fact a word. Squeezed or squoze, that is the question.




3 responses

13 05 2011

Priceless – what made it so funny was the seriousness with which the debate was taken and then the number of times people tried to squoze the word into conversation!

13 05 2011

Squoze is NOT a word. The proper word for the past tense of squeeze is squeezed. Squoze can fall into a teenage category. Some words teenagers just make up because they sound interesting and “hip”. This could even qualify as slang. In summary, squoze is not a word.

Im just saying…

13 05 2011

Sorry that comment above was from me, im using moms laptop…

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