Builders for breakfast

21 04 2011

I like builders tea before breakfast, not seeing a builders bottom.


Fearfully and Wonderfully made.

20 04 2011

I have two sticky out bits on my shoulders*. Neither if my parents have them, so I have always wondered where they came from. It must be where God hung me out to dry when He made me.


* modellers bones (story to follow)

Surprise visitor

18 04 2011

I gave my housemate a bit of a fright last night, when I went into our lounge and showed her my new purchase.

A Kate Middelton mask. Hilarious. After the initial shock we had a royal good time.

Fiesta Mexicana

15 04 2011

Last night was a girl in my team’s leaving do, and despite us dressing her up like a Rasta, the evening had a distantly Mexican theme. Corona, tortilla, quesadilla, tequila. You name it, we had it. I even managed to source a piñata (in the shape of a bunny). The surprise of the evening (aside from two team members openly confessing their love for one another), was a guy who I have always seen as being pretty placid, get up to take a few vicious swipes of the sweet laden bunny. I feared I’d end up being thrown off the ladder but fortunately it was only the bunny who got it. Hasta luego.

Shaken not stirred

14 04 2011

Last night I went cocktail making with a bunch of people from work. I learnt how to shake it, to stir it and to pour it from a dizzy height. Most of all I learnt that I have a new favourite cocktail –  The G&T Turbo I could have drunk it by the pint. The evening’s antics made quite the impression, and I think I may have even dreamt of  making cocktails…


or was it one too many scoops of absinthe froth?


13 04 2011

Janice (the sat nav) was going ballistic last night when we took a wrong turn on my way home. Turn left IMMEDIATELY she kept yelling. Obviously we ignored her, but part of me did half expect her to appear on the screen and tell us what she really thought of our sense of direction.


12 04 2011

If my new vitamin hair supplements work, maybe I will have enough hair to tie in a pony tail, which will mean I can save money on wrinkle cream and just go for the pony tail facelift instead.

Or maybe not.