11 03 2011

I don’t know what I was thinking. Now in my third decade, you would think I’d know my strengths and weaknesses. Strength: Imagination, Weakness: Co-ordination. I must have imagined that I had co-ordination when I suggested to a friend that we do Zumba for a laugh. In my imagination I was on a par with any MTV dancer, movin’ and a shakin’ like a pro, my latin roots and big bottom coming into their own. I even imagined buying some cool “dance gear” –  track suit pants and a tiny top showing my newly sculpted and zumbafied mid-rif.  The sad thing is I had even planned ahead to make Zumba part of my weekly routine…I don’t think that will be the case.

It was literally from the first move that I knew I was in trouble. I couldn’t even work out which direction the instructors feet were going, never mind figure out how she was shaking her derriere in three directions at once as well as moving her arms and smiling and wooping all at the same time. I didn’t stand a chance. My co-ordination failed me, as did my sense of humour. My only saving grace was that I had positioned myself in front of an area without a mirror, so I didn’t have to see my humiliation first-hand. Even my friend, who was prepared for me to be pretty badly co-ordinated was quite visibly shocked. The words static, robotic and idiotic all spring to mind. Some of the other girls in the class were even giving me the face of pity. It was quite possibly the longest half hour of my life. It go so bad that I did the unforgivable – I abandoned the friend I invited to the class and I went to “get a drink” and didn’t go back in. Instead I sat on the spin bike, my hope of getting in touch with my latino side, and learning how to dance dashed.




One response

11 03 2011
Gem (aka young friend)

Abandoned friend will take revenge at some point. But in fairness watching you “shake it” was totally worth it! xxx

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