Knock Knock

4 03 2011

This weekend I have ‘sexy superhero’ fancy dress party . I am not a big fan of hot pants, so going as wonder woman is NOT an option. I am going Miss Kryptonite, so watch out supermen. The outfit is a trench coat, high green heels and a stack of green glow sticks. Last week I bought my outfit and was trying it on. There was a knock on the door and it was my neighbour. I felt the need to explain why I was wearing a trench coat and green heels around the house. He was polite but must have thought me a bit odd. If he did, he was certainly convinced of it last night. With the party at the weekend I thought I should do a trial run with my bright green eyeshadow…in the style of a mask…ALL ACROSS my eyes. I was pleased with my results and was just about to take it off when there was a knock at the door. PANIC. I had to get the door because he was dropping off keys so I can feed his cats when he is away on holiday. I couldn’t hide and pretend I was not in because my light was on, so I had no choice but to answer the door and hastily explain that this was round two of the fancy dress trial. Seeing me in my dressing gown with a glittery green eye mask was probably not what he was expecting at 7.30 on a Thursday night. He was very polite and said from the two strange combos he has been unwillingly exposed too, he thought the finished outfit would be a good one…it better be after the embarrassment it has caused me thus far!




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