31 03 2011

Last night I saw a girl with tattoos all over her body and face. Brave or foolish – I haven’t made up my mind. It got me thinking. Maybe I should get eyes tatooed on my eye lids so I can catch 40 winks at my desk unnoticed…genius.


Shiny hair, strong nails, glowing skin…

30 03 2011

My nails keep splitting, so I went to the health shop to buy a hair, skin and nail supplement. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t the first image that came into my head. Let’s just hope for everyone’s sake that this doesn’t happen, and that I just get  shiny hair, strong nails and wrinkle free* skin

* I’ll settle for glowing, but wrinkle free would be great too

No dummy

29 03 2011

I was at Westfield last weekend. Whilst I was there, there here was a commotion in M&S. A dummy who had been in the handstand position (why?) flipped over and landed with a crash on the floor (obviously a crash test dummy in a former life). For some reason it made me laugh because my first thought was that he was a decoy so all the other dummies could do a runner and go for a wander. Like toy story but with shop mannequins. I think I need more sleep.

“Kettle calling the pot black”

28 03 2011

My desk mate has an affinity for crisps. So much so that I took it upon myself to make her a chart of crisp consumption so we could monitor her intake. It seems all the discussion of crisps has subconsciously had an adverse effect on my “impeccably healthy eating habits”. This weekend I cannot remember a time, or event where I was not shoveling in handfuls of kettle crisps. On Sunday I even ate almost an entire packet (large one) in one sitting. I am a hypocrite and will be disposing of the crisp chart as soon as I get into work. And disposing of the remaining two packets I have at home as soon as I get in from work, with some hummus…


25 03 2011

Today at work we have been asked to dress in neon in support of earth hour I have dug out my “brightest” top, but it just doesn’t feel neon enough. To make up for this I have bought in a packet of glow sticks. I am thinking my and my desk mate can go all out with glowing monitors… we may have to wear our shades all day, but at least we will look “cool”. I just have to convince her (or do it before she gets in).



24 03 2011

if you had to do a search for me when I was visiting the google office yesterday, it would have come back with the following result:

Stuffing her face in the incredible canteen.

Gym bunny

23 03 2011

In poundland at the weekend I found my mum inspecting a stuffed toy bunny tail (think Bridget Jones). I asked her why she was looking at it so intently. She said she thought I should get one for next time I go running. I think she was serious. I think it would be seriously bunny. I mean funny.