First Class Trip

7 02 2011

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to see the opening 6 nations match in Cardiff.  I was not however lucky enough to get a seat on the packed train down there. Four of us from work literally walked the length of the train to find a seat, but it seemed like all 74,000 people in attendance at the match traveled down there on the 1.45 Great Western from Paddington. We were left with no choice but to try our luck in first class. To cut a long story short, the boys paid the difference in the ticket and settled down into their large leather chairs, and us girls opted to put the money towards shoes and go into upper first class. Upper first class in the bit between the engine room and first class. It is flanked by two doors, it has a nice bit of carpet and the door to the conductors secret room, in other words it’s the entrance/exit at the front of the train, the bit where people in first class look towards when they are checking the whereabouts of their nearest fire exit, whilst drinking their complimentary coffee’s and scoffing their shortbread biscuits. I have to say it was one of my most enjoyable train trips to date. I had good company, fresh air, coffee and biscuits (supplied by our legitimate first class colleagues) and we even won over the conductor and the guy with the drinks trolley who offered us free crisps. It felt very much like first class trip to me.




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