Fantastic Fancy Dress

28 02 2011

If you are going to do fancy dress you have to do it properly – and it was definitely done properly on Saturday night. The dance floor was crammed with all sorts of characters cutting shapes. Banana man in a dance off with Hansel spurred on by Gretel and Sonic the Hedgehog. Papa smurf and Popeye propped up the bar and Buzz light year was on the decks with Batman. Best of all had to be the birthday girl as Jessica rabbit complete with padded bottom…


Caked in it.

25 02 2011

Years ago I worked in a restaurant. Probably some of the most fun I have ever had. People used to order in these massive birthday cakes that were covered in this soft meringue style icing, sickly sweet and oh-so-sticky. One day my friend Mark, the manager of the restaurant and I were chatting in reception. Mark was saying how funny it would be if he pushed the remains of a cake into my face – in the style of a custard pie fight. I think I may have said something along the lines of “You wouldn’t dare” or was it “I dare you”, whilst looking at the manager. In my mind he would never do that to me in uniform, in reception, in front of the manager. What happened next was a blur of blue and white piped meringue. Dame Edna eat your heart out.


24 02 2011

It’s not a good week for phones. I have taken to being one of those people who chats on the phone using a headset. One of those people who looks like they are mental and talking to them selves. Moi. This week in Tesco this guy came round the end of the aisle and was standing just in front of me. He smiled. I sort of smiled back. Then he said “Hello” quite loudly. I was a bit taken aback, and was just contemplating  a “Hello” in return, my mouth opened, and I was just about to speak when he launched into a conversation, on his headset. Oops. Seems his smile was not for me but for having enough reception on his phone to get a ring tone.

You have a bit of breakfast in your teeth.

23 02 2011

The trouble with having breakfast at work is that I sometimes forget to check I have not left half of it stuck in between my teeth. It’s never good to have a mouthful of oats in your 9am meeting.

Phone for help

22 02 2011

I’ve been in my new job about 6 weeks and I still have no idea to use the phone. Saying hello I can manage. Call transferral has just not clicked. I confessed my inaptitude for telecommunications transferral to one of the girls who is a pro, and she kindly offered to help me. It took her talking me through it on the line and another girl she sent to my desk, to show me how it’s done. I like to think the phone is just exceptionally hard to use and that it’s not just an extension of how bad I am with numbers. Needless to say I don’t give out my work number.

At least my friends can testify that I’m great a leaving voice mails (ha ha).

Sausage Doodle

21 02 2011

Is what my Mum has earmarked for her next pet.  Sausage Dog X Poodle. I just can’t imagine how that will be cute.


18 02 2011

I am not a massive fan of the UGG boot. I only wear my pair as slippers round the house, except for this week in a moment of desperation, when I wore them out. It was like walking on two sponges. Confirming again that they are not made for wearing in the rain.