24 01 2011

So I like my coffee extra hot. Well extra-extra hot if it be known. So on Saturday I go to treat myself to a coffee. Now I have been to this place before and the girl who makes the coffee is really good at making coffee, really knowledgeable about the beans how they are roasted and all that stuff barista’s need to know. Just don’t ask her for extra hot. OH NO. I had pushed my last memory of asking her for ‘extra hot’ to the recesses of my memory – and it all came flooding back as she launched into her tirade about the boiling point of milk and how she could only boil it to a specific degree and NO MORE. I smiled sweetly. Then in my best “the-customer-is-always-right-and-I -just-paid-two-pound-for- a coffee-from- you-along-with-a-bloomin-loyalty-card” voice, I explained to her that may be the case but could I have it just a bit hotter still. WELL, she was not happy. I know they have to bang the milk jug to get the air out…but there wasn’t that much air in the jug. She then proceeded to tell her friend that it was no good making a roast chicken then burning it to a crisp. Subtle, but I like my ‘chicken’ crispy. Anyway by this point my blood was at the optimum boiling point. She made me a coffee and asked me to try it for temperature. I said it was ok, but not really hot enough, but I would oblige. This was war apparently because she whisked it away from me and insisted she make me another one (still muttering about chickens and the boiling point of milk). She heated the milk and then got out the thermometer…I kid you not. I then got handed a scalding coffee and a “sweet” smile from her and all her colleagues. My coffee and I were fuming when we left. In my head I vowed never to frequent there again. Then I thought about it. I have 4 more stamps on my loyalty card and a free coffee and muffin at stake, so I may just be going back for some more heated discussions for the next four Saturdays, I am sure she will remember me. Anyone want to join me for a coffee?

p.s. Skipsy this one is for you and for all the times we have scalded our taste buds to a crisp for asking for extra hot! Happy Birthday!! xxx




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