Who do you love the most?

20 01 2011

For years my parents have asked this question of their 3 children. Obviously it has always been in our best interest to assume the question is rhetorical. Like everything in my family there is always a competition attached to every action. When my parents came down this weekend I had not (yet) prepared any sort of feast or baked goods. This did not go unnoticed by the parentals. They were swift to inform me that my sister (my main competitor) had made a beautiful lemon meringue pie for their arrival. Below is a (pie) chart, of the volume of  baked goods I then produced for their stay chez moi. A clear indication that I love them the most.

P.s. Binks can you send me lemon meringue recipie – it’s all they talked about all weekend (they obviously love you the most)




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