Wash. Dry (rinse). Put away.

12 01 2011

We did not have the luxury of a dishwasher growing up but my parents had the next best thing –  two daughters 16 months apart. We used to have to take turns every night – one night I would wash and my sister would dry (and put away), the next night she would wash and I would dry (and put away). I love washing dishes but I (intensely) dislike drying and putting away. Now in our teens anything, and I mean ANYTHING was a source of strife. It was when the phrase “I WILL GET YOU BACK!” was coined. Dishwashing was a particularly stressful chore for me. Every other night I would slave over washing my way through a mound of dishes, precariously stacking them up, whilst Carla would craftily eek out another ten minutes of some 80’s TV classic – letting the dishes air-dry naturally  as “recommended in our home economics notes”.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t have minded, but it was her smug demeanour as she would waltz through the door and just start to put things away, completely avoiding step 2 in the 3 step wash, dry and put away regime. It was for this reason that I implemented step 2a. the “last-minute rinse”. It would happen once the dishes were dry and just as my sister would walk through the kitchen door ready to skip the dry phase and just start putting dishes away. Not acceptable. I would “rinse” the dishes with a jug of water (to ensure I had done a thorough job) and to ensure that she would HAVE to do some drying. Shameful I know, but I was in my teens and she used to provoke me, so it was only right that I had to get her back.

Step 2 a. Rinse.




2 responses

12 01 2011

Excuse me I dont know how I got left out of this! I was just as much apart of that roster as you guys were! ;) I also washed, dried, put away, and picked up dog poo!

13 01 2011

I can relate as my brother and I used to kill each other over the dishes. My mom used to hear us screaming at each other and wonder if we’d smash a plate over each others heads.

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