Portion Control

7 01 2011

Breakfast is my thing. If I could have only one meal a day that would be it. My new job has a free breakfast policy (hooray) – which surprisingly I have not taken full advantage of yet. I have had to wean myself off my morning breakfast routine and leave home with an empty stomach, listening to the grumbling sounds all the way to work, as I debate the should I have cereal or toast or both dilemma. Anyway today I got in early and it was just me and one other hungry chap in the kitchen. I filled my bowl (the larger size bowl) over half way with muesli – then I curiously opened the lid of a tub I had not inspected before – MORE muesli – but with pink bits in. I had to have just a bit of that too. ‘Just a bit’ turned out to be half a scoop. Now my bowl was practically full to the top – and I started to feel embarrassed. The gent next to me had probably cycled in and was deserving of a hearty breakfast like mine, except he seemed to have grasped the concept of portion control and had a modest 20 flakes in a small bowl. Probably better for him and it also meant he didn’t have to try to disguise his gluttonous ways by hiding his bowl between the microwave and the coffee machine whilst pouring on enough milk to cover half a kilo of muesli.




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