Chicken licken wasn’t the only one who thought the sky was falling down.

5 01 2011

Last night in bed I was listening to the neighbours above moving around. One floor board was creaking quite badly, and I was in that state just before the onset if sleep where everything is magnified. I started imagining (in all seriousness) how I could roll off my bed and take shelter, should they fall through the ceiling onto my bed. As you do. It would never happen I hear you scoff. Well actually it can. My friend was telling me about her parents who stayed in a hotel one night in South Africa. I can’t remember all of the details, but her mum went to the loo whilst her dad was reading a book in the bedroom. There she was going about her business when all of a sudden a man fell through the ceiling and conveniently into the bath, right next to her. Can you imagine it? Fortunately the man was unharmed (and fully clothed), and had fallen through whilst conducting maintenance work on the bathroom above. Hilarious, but it could have been pretty serious. This seed of collapsing ceilings must had embedded itself in my sub conscious, and has given me something else to worry about aside from wondering if I turned off the iron.




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