‘The Laughing Crying Thing’ is a given today

9 12 2010

Today is my last day at work and I am sad and excited at the same time. More than that though I am bit nervous – you see I am partial to practical jokes, and have played a few on my work mates over the years – and they have amassed quite a lot of rather embarrassing stories on me during my time with them. I have no doubt that my leaving ‘preeezentation’ will make reference to some of them, probably starting with the time I got myself locked in the loo, for quite a long time. It took three men from facilities to pry me out with a crowbar – cheered on by an amused crowd and a hysterical (with laughter) South African shouting ‘call the fire brigade’ (making the most of a humiliating experience) from inside. Just one of my many fond memories of my time in this job.




2 responses

9 12 2010

Wish I had been there for that! Hope they stitch you up goooood today… and there aren’t too many tears… and then you’re off on an amazing new adventure – for even MORE great blog material! xxx

9 12 2010

Have fun buddy – remember your waterproof mascara! x

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