Ho Ho Ho for a long walk I go.

24 12 2010

I am in between gym contracts, and seem to have misplaced my will power, and not a good time of year to do so. November’s rice cakes have been replaced by mini christmas cakes, custard smothered puddings, a slurp of trifle, christmas brownies, mulled wine and a pack of mini mince pies, those lovely scrummy tiny weeny sausages wrapped in bacon, chocolate snowmen, a 1 foot chocolate santa, a pannetone and if I could –  I would probably eat a (roasted) partridge in a pear tree. So with all that hanging over my belt, I’m off for a long brisk walk to combat the consumption starting in 24 hours (and to buy myself some treats, in the unlikely event I get snowed in).


Have a great Christmas everyone – and thanks for all your great comments this year – see you for more adventures in 2011. x


Tomato Juice

23 12 2010

At the pub yesterday a colleague ordered a tomato juice. Controversial. I am partial to tomato juice – but everyone knows that you only ever order tomato juice when on a plane.


22 12 2010

Mulled wine makes you feel fine, and tipsy, and drowsy and even a bit hot. Well that’s what was happening last night over dinner, first I felt fine, then I felt drowsy, most definitely tipsy and then a bit hot. The heat was not only from the steaming hot spicy vino, but from my laughter. I was watching my friend go through the same four stage festive process of inebriation, only she was not hot from laughing but hot from almost setting herself alight by leaning into a lit tea light. Fortunately she realised in time and was alert enough to shout ‘Am I on fire? Am I? Am I?’. I just laughed, and her hubby just smiled knowingly, watching us both blotto after our festive tipple.

(This is the second time in a week that we have failed to grasp the potency of waitrose’s finest mulled wine – which I completely recommend – just don’t drink it close to lit tea lights!)


21 12 2010

My bathroom seems to going through a bit if a crisis. You shower and the toilet bubbles and gurgles. You bath and the shower and toilet bubble up, and not to be left out, if you flush the loo and let out the bath water simultaneously, the sink gurgles. It is a bit of a pain, but I am learning to live with such peculiar plumbing. My bathroom woes pale in comparison to my mate Jen. Yesterday she emailed me saying how her hubby inadvertently drilled through a water pipe whilst trying to put up a mirror. Not funny really, but when she told me she had been standing there wailing ‘No, no, no’, before being made to plug the hole with her finger, I couldn’t help but laugh…


20 12 2010

is quite possibly the best shop in the world – except – for at christmas time. People standing in the aisles considering in all seriousness whether someone would prefer the fine ‘fragrance’ or the garden snail ornament with the bobbing head. Poundemonium.

I’ve got my 6-pack

17 12 2010

and I am ready to rock out Christmas.

Getting it straight

16 12 2010

I am over zips on coats. After spending at least 20 mins locked in my coat by another faulty zip (I am starting to worry I have developed some sort of zip allergy), I have decided that I am going to find coats with buttons or straps.

This one would work well because it also caters for extra long arms.