Collective nouns: An innit of chavs

26 11 2010

If I leave work at the right time I sometimes see these two chavs on their bikes – they pride themselves in their tracksuits and their ability to cycle with no hands on a busy road. Wow (sarcasm intended). Obviously also able to multi-task, they often shout things like “Awight Daaarlin”, “OiOi”, “Helloooo Lovely”, the standard call of those without a decent vocabulary. They do make me laugh as they are both tall and very thin and look a lot like two pepperami on unicycles. Anyway, now that its colder they are sporting thicker tracksuit, beanies and scarfs. The scarfs are over their mouths – so they sort of look like ninja chavs. They also still insist on shouting out – except it is so much funnier because all you can hear is “MmmwighmmMrlimm”, “MwuyMwuy” or “MmmellmoMmovmy”. Priceless.

Innit great?




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