19 11 2010

I have wanted an iPhone for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. I have been putting it off and justifying reasons why I should wait till next year – then miraculously (and accidentally I may stress) my phone was run over…which can only mean one thing. It is time to move over to the fun side. I have even bought a case and been checking out apps and just generally getting geekily excited about the arrival of my new apple gadget. 10 days on, TEN   l  o  n  g   days, TEN  l  o  n  g  hours of call centre rage, TEN  different call centre operatives, TEN anxious people in my office willing me to get the phone ( they can bear it no longer)…and STILL my iPhone has not been delivered. I won’t bore you with the long and tedious history of trying to get hold of it – I am saving that, and what is left of my creative writing skills for my letter of complaint. The only plus is that my angry, pointing, wiggling finger that has had a lot of exercise during the hours spent on frustrating phone calls…is all ready to go with the swiping action when my phone EVENTUALLY arrives.




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