Charity Shop Chic

4 11 2010

My friend and I walked past the charity shop down my road on Saturday. Now I am not one to pass up a bargain hunt, so I persuaded her to join me. She looked hesitant. Her specialty is bric-a-brac shops – not charity shops. The secret with charity shops is to pick your area, that’s why Saturday’s bargain fest came as such a shock. Who would have thought my hood was a virtual treasure trove of designer labels and never worn bargains!! It was SO good that my friend and I nearly came to blows over a cream top…and we came close to pushing over a smaller lady (no match for us) to commandeer a DKNY cardi. It was so bad that as we paid, we saw more bargains, so had to pay again. In the end my friend left with the coveted DKNY cardi and I got the never-been-worn Calvin Klein T-shirt – and we had to tell the shop assistant that under no circumstances must she let us back in next weekend. Bargain hunting can be addictive. My friend did point out that I should not feel the usual post-purchase guilt, as I was in fact donating to charity. I think I can safely say that if this charity shop keeps producing the goods, I am going to be spending more than 10% of my salary on charity – not to mention forking out on a bigger wardrobe.

Cream of the shop

Oh, and I got the cream top :) Bargain!




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