” but… where is he?”

2 11 2010

This is a p.s. to my blog about the inflatable pig who found his wings. On Saturday night I went to hang out with my best mate and her husband. Just before settling down to watch the X-factor I was collecting my glass of wine and slab of G&B Butterscotch, when my friend said – in an almost inaudible whisper…”but…where is he”. Huh? I looked at her, wondering what she was on about – and saw she was holding up one concertina paper leg, and a look of almost genuine concern. Poor Pig. We then proceeded to discuss (in all seriousness) just how we thought he could have flown out the door without us seeing, and how could a pig who hadn’t shown much skill in the flying department (until his legs were ripped off) escape so fast and without a trace. I hate to confess but this was a real life ‘rasher-nal’ conversation about a three week old partially deflated two-legged helium pig. We hadn’t even had the wine yet! It was only when my friend and her husband headed toward the back door and were looking up to the sky that we came to our senses and realised that maybe we were taking this whole thing a bit too seriously.




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