1 11 2010

Yesterday was a sad day. I was on my way home and ran across the road. Three quarters of the way across my phone and I parted ways. I ended up safely on the pavement and my Nokia ended up in a puddle just a bit too far away from me to grab it before the lights changed. A fellow pedestrian and I stood looking at my lifeline phone and the oncoming traffic. A rescue attempt was futile. Then came the traffic. First of all came a van, we waited with bated breath – would he crush my phone? …most definitely yes. Then a Fiat missed it. Then a black cab got it. Then another car missed it. Distraught and in a lull in traffic I grabbed its lifeless form from off the rain-soaked tarmac. The sympathetic pedestrian looked at me and muttered condolences as she walked away. I was left nursing the bashed carcass of my cell phone – mourning its loss – but shamelessly justifying my now accelerated upgrade to the wonderful world of iPhone 4. Until then though I guess I better buy some writing paper and go back to basics.




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