Working flat out

30 11 2010

It seems our office is as cold inside as it is outside – we can’t see our breath yet, but it is starting to get to us. Our freelancer was so cold yesterday that she said she wouldn’t mind going through our encapsulating machine (not something I have ever considered, and I consider some strange things). I’d like to think it was because the machine was really warm and not because the no-nothing NOvember regime and too many dried pineapple chunks have made her lose her mind. Now I have to keep an eye on her  in case she ends up like this…



29 11 2010

I save up my boots points all year until I can redeem them for my favourite bottle of Chanel. This week is the week. This morning I did wonder if I should rather buy a winters worth of Deep Heat, because I reckon it would add that extra layer of insulation I always seem to be lacking. It’s just a shame that

1. I have had bad experiences with the stuff (remember this?) and

2. It smells NOTHING like Chanel.

Collective nouns: An innit of chavs

26 11 2010

If I leave work at the right time I sometimes see these two chavs on their bikes – they pride themselves in their tracksuits and their ability to cycle with no hands on a busy road. Wow (sarcasm intended). Obviously also able to multi-task, they often shout things like “Awight Daaarlin”, “OiOi”, “Helloooo Lovely”, the standard call of those without a decent vocabulary. They do make me laugh as they are both tall and very thin and look a lot like two pepperami on unicycles. Anyway, now that its colder they are sporting thicker tracksuit, beanies and scarfs. The scarfs are over their mouths – so they sort of look like ninja chavs. They also still insist on shouting out – except it is so much funnier because all you can hear is “MmmwighmmMrlimm”, “MwuyMwuy” or “MmmellmoMmovmy”. Priceless.

Innit great?

Bright idea

25 11 2010

Girls change light bulbs by wearing a head lamp. Haha. At least that is what I watched my housemate do last night. VERY funny indeed.

Why does your nose stream with water in winter?

24 11 2010

It makes winter the most unflattering season of them all.

Weather girl

23 11 2010

The weather on the train last night was:

Unseasonably warm (I was in 3 layers to many) despite gale force winds from the North West (very annoying heavy breathing girl directly over my right shoulder) with occasional patches of black ice (my cold glare of annoyance).


22 11 2010

On Saturday morning I was looking out my kitchen window, there on the fence was the massive-est dove (bordering on acceptable for christmas dinner size). I inwardly groaned at yet another species of bird joining the pigeons and seagulls (?) surrounding my house. I cast my eyes down for a split second to clean my cereal bowl. When I looked up there was no dove in sight, only Humbug, our neighbours cat, perched on the fence, looking smug, and licking her chops. She could not have caught and eaten him in such a short amount of time – but it did make me laugh out loud at Humbug’s obvious pride at defending her territory and almost getting breakfast too.