The stress

28 10 2010

in the office yesterday took its toll. Jen and I were inundated with requests, infested with germs (everyone has a cold) and inconsolable with fear about what our stress induced state would result in. My fear was losing my teeth through extreme clenching – my makeshift cure was chomping down on a pencil. Very professional. Jenni feared wrinkles. She apparently has one, known as “The Wrinkle”, and has been making threats of botox between bites of biscuits and chocolate. Another contributing factor to our stress is that we are now on the countdown to our annual month of misery. ‘No Nothing November’ – No cake, no chocolate, no sweets, no pudding, nothing – our one agreed treat is a chai latte. Today after I have worked my way through the rest of my massacred HB pencil I am going to EAT to tell them to stock up on the chai syrup, because the toothless one and the wrinkled one from across the road are going to be stopping by a lot over the next few weeks.




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