J is for – Jellyfish, Jaws, Jockey, Jimmy Saville and more…

18 10 2010

This weekend was the pre-birthday birthday bash. I joined forces with my mate Gemma – the younger half of the dynamic duo. Last year her party was a fancy dress and honestly one of the funniest night’s out ever (remind yourself  here). This year it was not fancy dress – we went all out in black. My eyes were so smokey I scared myself. I was worried that my intense eye make-up would  be the talk of the evening. Oh no. Something beginning with a J stole the show. There was another party in the bar – and they went all out. My particular favourite was a girl who was wearing a hat like a jelly fish – complete with dangling tentacles and fairy lights. AWESOME – especially when I walked past her in the loo – no matter how many french martini’s I had had – nothing prepares you for seeing a jellyfish in cubicle one! Jordan was there, Jackie O, a few jelly babies and even Julia Roberts from pretty woman all dancing around with a joker and Joanna Lumley. My next party is going to be a J party. a K party will just end up with all the Karate Kids, karate chopping the Kit-Kats.




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18 10 2010

A legendary night with the best birthday-partner-in-crime EVER! Too funny for words. xxx

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