Sausage feet

15 10 2010

My mate Jen just got back from 3 days in New Zealand. Crazy Kiwi – she pretty much spent as much time in the air as she did on the ground – she was one dedicated bridesmaid! Yesterday she was telling us about the effects of spending so much time on a plane. Dreaded Dehydration. I thought about my trips back to South Africa – only half the amount of time it takes to get to NZ … but when I land and position myself immediately by the side of the pool  – all I see are toes like Cumberland sausages. Big, bloated and pale, and seemingly all joined together. I can’t begin to imagine how I would look if I flew all the way to New Zealand. They would have to pry my veronica blueberry-esque frame out the plane, sausage feet and all.

Chicken? Fish?…. Sausages?




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