I saw this and thought of you…

14 10 2010

Remember the post office campaign from years ago? Well I was reminded of it last night when I was chatting with some girlfriends about things you had sent to boys in the post …and then had no response. My friend had painstakingly cut out, and created a masterful montage of images and created a personal christmas card. Response: None. Another friend had a boyfriend who had once expressed a desire to have someone make him beans on toast in the shape of a heart….she remembered and sent him a carefully toasted piece of bread, complete with cut out heart and snuggled inside the cut out – a tiny tin of beans. Response: None. Not to be outdone, I said that I had once sent a boyfriend a piece of mistletoe in the post. I even put it in a box and wrapped damp cotton wool on the end – so it would make the journey. It was only after I put it in the post box, the point of no return, that I thought that by the time my guy got the mistletoe – it would indeed be just a twig with a mouldy bit of green furry cotton wool on one end. Response: obviously NONE.




One response

14 10 2010
Robbie Brighton

I would blame it on the South African Postal Service and not the lack of romance of your mates boyfriends.

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