Scorched Almonds…

13 10 2010

have to be one of my favourite treats. It would be a ‘pro’ on my list if I ever considered moving to New Zealand. I was in the office alone last night and having a bit of a feast. I tried to cheat myself and hide the box behind my files. I found it 2 mins later and had a couple as a reward. I then hid it on Jennie’s desk. 1 min later I got up, found it, rewarded myself and then threw the considerably lighter box in my bottom draw and firmly wedged it to the back. No good – I read one sentence – and then I was rummaging through the papers – and stretched my arm into the depths of the draw – grasping blindly at almonds. It was only on the point of feeling almost physically sick and “disappointed in myself” that I stopped. Unfortunately they are not finished yet – so today’s mission, which I choose to accept, is to get rid of every last one of them.




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