The power of advertising

12 10 2010

Last night on the way home I was reading the Evening Standard and there was an article on food  – which I was reading – obviously. There was a picture of spaghetti and meatballs. Not in my top 10 dishes of all time, but the seed was sown. I got straight off the train, and before I knew it I was stuffing swedish style meatballs into my shopping basket. I decided to do my own thing and thought some button mushrooms would be a nice touch. That was until I started to cook them and they were squealing in the pan. Eeeeeeee. Oooooooo. Eeeeeeeee. For your average “chef” this would mean nothing, but for a girl frazzled by fatigue and with a highly overactive imagination, all I could think of was all those button mushrooms screaming at me from the pan saying “Don’t eat me I am a fun-ghi”. I did chuckle at my bad joke, but did feel bad as I was slurping away at my supper. I would make an awful vegetarian.





One response

13 10 2010

I love your blog! Your cartoons brighten up my days. Thank you.

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