Very lice indeed

5 10 2010

When watching breakfast TV this morning I saw an advert for lice shampoo. Charming. It made me think of the time I had lice. No-one likes admitting to ever having lice – it is one of those things – even though we all know that lice ‘love clean hair’. Now I know you are imagining me as a small cute school girl with bunches, about 6 or 7 years old, distraught by the prospect of creatures living in my hair. If only. I was in my twenties and at university and distraught does not even begin to cover how I felt. I thought I had burnt my scalp in one of my scalding showers – oh no – small creatures running riot amongst my follicles. Aaarrrrrggghhhh – who gets lice at uni? Where do you get lice from – surely not the student union?

My best friend and housemate at the time was so, so, SO good in my time of distress – she helped me comb the creatures out, wash my hair with that rancid shampoo, and just generally comforted me. She did all of this out the kindness of her heart, even though she risked her long thick locks becoming contaminated in the process. So selfless.

It was only months later, when my friend said she had a confession to make… she had given me the lice as a souvenir from her mission trip to Romania. HaHaHa. Thanks Fi!




One response

6 10 2010
Fiona Stanton

Love it, Bart! Great memories – even though it might have been my fault, I did still risk re-contamination in helping you!! I’ll look forward to a hill-rolling/key-finding blog another time!!! xx

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