Spitting mad

4 10 2010

I may have a tiny weeny hint of a competitive streak, you would hardly even notice it, well unless you challenge me to a board game – or a game of spit. My sister and I used to spend hours playing spit (card game) – and hence I have years of pent-up frustration and competitiveness simmering below the surface. Shockingly it made an appearance on Saturday night after an hour or so of games, and a bottle of bubbly. My mate Al and I had a game of spit – a very good, and very long game of spit which he won. The only glitch, other than him being victorious, was when he slapped down his hand on the pile, and in my sheer frustration I hesitated then violently slapped his hand (not strictly part of the game). The resounding echo of the slap was followed by a sharp communal intake of breath, by the ten other guests who had been watching our game in amusement.

Anger Management for christmas?





3 responses

4 10 2010

You forgot to draw the granny blanket!!!

4 10 2010

Awesome! Al’s going to teach me how to play SPIT too!!

5 10 2010

I love your drawing of me….when’s the rematch? :-)

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