Superman Required

10 09 2010

I have developed a fear of pigeons. Well not  a fear exactly, but a dislike for their indecision when flying DIRECTLY towards me. In London you are always just 2 seconds away from have a pigeon implanted in your face if you are not alert enough to jump out of their flight path. I just spent the last week in Croatia, and they were there too. Grimy, grey, indecisive, feathered flying pests on their summer holidays. One evening all that Croatian telly had to offer was the original superman film with Christopher Reeve – I was hooked – who doesn’t love a bit of classic Superman? I was watching the bit where he whisks Lois off into the sky for a romantic flight for two… and then, there in the middle of their flight a pigeon nearly flies into them!! Her response was not dissimilar to my own, except she was in the arms of a massive lycra clad superman. I realised then the key to conquering my fear – I need to find myself a superhero.




One response

10 09 2010

Love it! Although I would like to clarify to anyone who is reading that it is not a dislike or even a fear… it is PARANOIA! But I love you anyway. x

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