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1 09 2010

I lost it at work yesterday. I blame the fact that I had just done a VERY hectic gym class and had yet to eat my lunch. Anyone knows that it is NOT good to cross a sweaty, hungry, latino lass in the crucial moments between work out and pig out. I won’t go into details but it was not pretty. Stomping upstairs in my too-high-heels and shouting in a mass of heels, hair and sweat*. I am lucky the recipient in question likes me, else he would have “thrown me out the building” (his direct quote). His only reason he didn’t was because he thought my sweat was tears! Classic. The best part of the whole thing is when I stomped off and got in a lift going up (I needed to go down). The poor unsuspecting lift passenger told me he was going up – to which I replied (not at all childishly) – “I DON”T CARE AS LONG AS IT IS AWAY FROM HIM!”. The him in question then jumped in and we carried on bickering! The poor man caught in the middle jumped out rather swiftly when we reached the 5th floor. I ended up getting my way (I think my colleague was scared the sweat would turn into tears). I was then able to sit down and eat my lunch. Thinking back on my OTT behaviour – I should have bought myself a massive slice of humble pie.

* I was still in the cool down period – I have not developed an excessive sweat disorder




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