Dress to impress

31 08 2010

So it has started, the overwhelming desire to buy new shoes. Out with the sun, in with the stiletto. A girl has to cheer herself up somehow now the summer is no longer. In an attempt to make heels more comfortable I have a breaking in technique. Massive socks. Stick them on and S Q U E E E E E Z E your chubby feet into the tiny shoe (cinderella’s ugly sister style) and wear them until you cannot feel any life in your toes = Bliss-ter free feet from day 1. My one warning. Do not try this technique if you know there are people coming over. Like last time I broke in a pair of heels… when my housemate turned up at home with a guy she was secretly hoping to set me up with. Unfortunately even prince charming is not brave enough to take on a girl who can cook but who insists on wearing ski socks with her stilettos.




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