An extra day off

30 08 2010

When my parents spend the weekend, there is never a dull moment. Something always happens. Well lots of things happen, but there is usually one thing that stands out most. This time it was going to Heathrow airport to see my Dad off (he was going back to work). All Sunday we went through the pre-flight, preparation. The last-minute shopping, the packing, the unpacking, the repacking, the lists, the passport checks, the jokes about having the right day or the right time on the ticket etc. Anyway all of that completed we were about to set off and the heavens opened, so we decided not to tube it but to cab it. Only in my family – we get in the cab, travel 10 mins down the road and the cabbie asks if we wouldn’t mind swapping cab, for a smaller one. It was like our normal trip out for dinner – changing place or restaurant twice. Anyway we jumped into another cab and set off on our way – now in the blazing sunshine I may add. We got to Heathrow and joined the check-in queue. At the desk the lady started checking my Dad’s passport, and then said “Sir, you are not booked on the flight until tomorrow night.”… Seems like my Dad’s company changed his dates and failed to tell him, so we turned around, jumped on the tube and came home. Which meant that today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday – the packing, the repacking, the passport checks…and the trip to Heathrow. An extra day off work and an extra day with the parentals :)




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